CRM for the arts, charities and non-profits.


Your own contact database.

Good CRM is a contact database for arts organisations charities and non-profits. It focuses on people and relationships, not conversion funnels, up-sell and cross-sell.

It’s for tracking progress, charting journeys, increasing engagement, encouraging giving and for monitoring & evaluation.

It makes processes more efficient, more automated and keeps your data secure.

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Donors, participants, suppliers, colleagues; create unlimited contact types with customised data fields.


Keep track of and categorise the organisations your contacts belong to.


Manage your projects and participants with enrolment, feedback forms, registers and tasks.


Administer workshops, sessions, conferences and more, track attendance and capture data.


Quick and easy note-taking for people, projects and more.


Capture detailed, structured information to chart progress and capture qualitative data.

Packed with



Quickly view the history of a person or project, see their participation, donations, interactions and communications.

  Flexible reporting

Create reports using any of your data. Add unlimited conditions for precise results and save report templates to use later.


Categorise and group your data using tags. Create your own tags and tag-types, then use them however you wish.


Connections allow you to create links between your data types – between people and reports or projects and organisations. You’re free to add any connections you like.

  Custom fields

Make the system your own by adding custom fields to any data-type – many field types are supported for ultimate flexibility.

  Form builder

Not all data-fields are relevant all of the time, you can choose which fields are captured in different contexts. Add explanatory text and helpful hints to make data-collection a breeze.


Easily manage and assign tasks with to-do lists. Your system can even generate its own to-do actions so you never miss a beat.


Manage room bookings and appointments with ease, set SMS reminders for attendees and let them confirm or cancel with a simple reply.

  Sharing controls

Manage who can read and edit your data with simple sharing controls which can be changed at any time.


Let your colleagues know about your latest updates with notifications that you control.

  Access anywhere

Wherever you choose to work, Good CRM is right there with you on any device, any time.

  GDPR tools

Anonymise data, manage expiration policies and collect permissions.


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