Give and let give.

Good CRM has a whole host of features to support fundraising.

In this section:

Individual giving and membership schemes

Online donations platform

Prospect research tools

Individual Giving and Membership Schemes



If you had to pick the best thing about your Individual Giving or Membership scheme, we’re guessing ‘the admin’ isn’t going to be up there.

Take a look at some of the great features Good CRM offers to cut down on the admin so you can concentrate on your supporters.

Also great for Artist Studios and Membership organisations!


  Online signup

Allow people to signup to your scheme from any page on your website, just create a link or use our simple plugin.

  Plans and giving levels

Create as many plans as you require: individual and shared plans, annual, monthly, concessionary - it only takes a few minutes to get everything set up.

  Payment and renewals admin

Good CRM takes care of setting up card and direct debit payments, auto-renewals and all of the emails that go with it, all carrying your brand and messaging.

  Website integration

If your website is powered by WordPress, our plugin provides deep integration in a few simple steps. Embed signup forms, give your supporters their own login and self-management tools and create pages and resources just for them.

  CRM integration

Naturally your membership scheme integrates seamlessly with Good CRM, so every email, renewal and donation is recorded on your supporter’s timeline.

  Well connected

Good CRM integrates with your Stripe or GoCardless account so subscription fees come directly to you. If you don’t already have accounts, signup is quick and hassle free.

Online donations platform.



The relationship between you and your donors is of critical importance, so taking donations via your website is much more than a financial transaction.

With the right approach, it’s the starting point for a long and rewarding relationship.


  Online donations

Take one-off or regular donations by card or direct debit, with simple reporting of donation levels and gift-aid.

  CRM integration

Automatically capture and tag donors in Good CRM and record donations on your contact’s timeline.


Thank your donors with tailored emails, carrying your brand and messaging.

Prospect research



Good CRM is the perfect tool for prospect research.

Set up any number of fields to record valuable information about prospects, corporate entities, trusts and foundations - informing you to make the right ask at the right time.


  Contact timelines

Use your contact’s timeline to see your relationship history at a glance. See what events they’ve attended, which communications they’ve interacted with and how much they’ve donated. Use this snapshot to identify warm prospects and cultivate meaningful, valuable relationships.

  Ad-hoc notes and tags

Make a note of those useful conversations, chance meetings and insightful titbits. Notes are recorded directly on your contact’s timeline. Use tagging to quickly group contacts and organisations, by relationship type, interests, priorities and in any way you like.


Record details of grants and funding rounds available from different sources including from trusts and foundations and from your own restricted and unrestricted income. Link awarded funds to your projects and programmes to keep track of how activities are funded.


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